Props - Birthday Cake for Avenue Q


Made for Avenue Q's fourth anniversary. To be used in years to come as well.

Summer 2007, Designed by Anna Louizos

This was a project that I undertook while working at Propstar for Kathy Fabian. Myself and Carrie Hash took this project from start to finish. The under structure was built by a carpenter named Jason Gandy.

I bought all of the fabric and trim for this project within 48 hours of our delivering it to the customer. I chose all the trim in the field, and think it turned out rather nicely considering it was done a bit blind. I'm especially proud of the green sparkly trim around the horizontal lines of the cake, just under and above the green fur. I think it makes it 'pop' that much more!

The majority of the fabric and trim was applied using hot glue or spray adhesive. I made the 'Q' stencils, and the smallest Q, and Carrie made all the orange pom poms and the other five Q's. I made the large 4 out of blue foam and used hot glue to layer on the fleece and felt. The puppet or puppeteer will be holding the 4 in the use of the cake.

Here are two photos by Carol Rosegg from the playbill article they used this in. The rest are progress and detail shots.