Misc Art - Chuppa Mandap


One of my best friends and adopted sister was married in 2009. She is Jewish, and her husband is Hindi, so they had a mixed ceremony of both Jewish and Hindi traditions. She asked me if I wanted to make the Chuppa/Mandap (two different but similar items for a wedding in both religions). I of course said Yes!

Over the course of probably about a year I helped them work out the details of the design and I bought the fabric and stitched it up. As you can see from the sketches and the finished product, it has the Star of David, The Tree of Life, as well as a lovely flower sunburst.

It’s a huge piece, close to ten feet square, and was my first experiment with such large piecing/applique style work. I think it worked out quite well and it was very well received. You can see I’ve included some photos of it supported by flower adorned poles at the wedding.

Lovely project, fun to make for such great people. I would love the chance to make another one!