For You - Janus Griffin


This Janus Griffin is a Cut & Sew project designed for a Spoonflower Mythology Contest.

Available for purchase here.

It’s designed to be a soft, posable figure with button joints.

Janus was the Roman god of beginnings and transitions. This Griffin is equal parts Janus and the Griffin (or Gryphon) of antiquity. Part Eagle, part Lion, part guardian of doors, passageways, future and past. I have depicted it with the traditional dichotomy of night and day, skewing away from judgement of either.

Not recommended for ages 3 and under. Small parts present a possible choking hazard.

Materials needed: Basic sewing supplies, 14 small buttons, fusible web, polyfill.

Here is a template to print out to make a Janus Griffin from fabric you have at home.

You can use these for small scale commercial use but please credit me as the designer!

Original drawing and prototype.