Misc Art - Jester Hat


So sometimes I make projects on a whim, and I do them in a very short period of time. This was one such project. I drew a picture from an image I had in my mind, and then promptly decided I had to make it, IMMEDIATELY. So I pulled a favorite red shirt with stripes out of the closet (that was too big for me, really) and some old socks that I've always loved, and viola! I also used a fabric I bought from P&S that had swirls with some sort of damage. The original fabric for that was this rough canvasy material that looked as though oil and ink had been spilled all over it. It was very cheap and REALLY interesting, so I bought it. That's what gives the dagged edges their weird texture.

Lots of beaded details, some fun ribbon bits that I picked up when I was living in London, and some rough paper mockups later, there was a hand sewn jester cap, all for me. I still haven't lined it, as I didn't have any good lining fabric when I made the hat, but I plan on doing something shiny and pretty inside one day.