Misc Art - Joey Project


This is a project that was commissioned by Chris Daly in the Spring of 2005. It is approximately two feet in length and is made to hang from fishing line pick points on its wings.

In October 2010 it was in a gallery exhibition in Brooklyn called “A precious view of the world, Joey the Bat”.

The body is balsa wood, and the wings I soldered out of copper tubing. He has yellow gauze stretched between his wings.



So I was thinking about the joey art idea, and since you said you already have two paintings and one standing sculpture, I thought it would be interesting to have a hanging model (from the ceiling, fishing line or some such invisible thread). I've done some preliminary sketches of my idea. Mostly my concept is that of a 'dark side' of Joey. Something representing all the 'bat' things that he is not. Not as a way of denying his cute sweet batness, but as a way of actively showing that little bit of anarchy everyone has within them, even cute batlets. I was figuring that if you like the idea, I would do some research into the real anatomy of a bat and do an artistic representation of that research using thin wooden dowels and fabric for the wings. Then I would do an artistic 'dark side' of Joey's figure, giving him fangs and a sort of demonic look, though with a hint of the sweet Joey somewhere within its heart. I thought that a swooping figure would best capture the sense of movement and dynamic motion that real bats have that Joey lacks. Also I thought that in an exhibit space (for the possible eventual 'bat art exhibit') it would capture attention and keep things from being a series of paintings on walls.

Obviously this is just an idea pitch, if you want to steer me away from this feel free. If you like it I can do more detailed sketches. I'm open to suggestions and comments, drop me a line.


Joey the Bat, the original, the great