Props - The Marvellous Wonderettes 2, for Scott


I believe that for the first and second act we had actual different mic stands. That way we didn’t have to have a way to attach and detach the finicky heart boxes (which had to stay still for the popsicle number, with weight, not an easy task for a removable item). That bubble guy was specific I think. I forget if we used it for the real show or not.

Hope this answers your questions.


The Moon on a stick...which was actually a few coathangers, some cardboard and ribbon attached to a flagpole. The oddest part about this prop is that it needed to ‘dangle’ down so there is actually a long thin flexible piece of plastic that slides through that pvc attachment on the back there and then comes down again. It’s sorta hard to explain, I guess I could draw a diagram if you needed one.

The Mic stands are the biggest headache of this show. Hands down. We attached little boxes to each stand with a mixture of epoxy and black zip ties. There was a slot in each one for the lollipops so they can be ‘attached’ and not move, as well as a holding area for the ‘garlands’. The garlands were just red felt with red ribbon sewed behind them for stability, and velcro tabs on the ends. You could pull them out and velcro them to the sides of the boxes. These boxes are complicated so here are a bunch of views of them.

Detail of heart box for mic stands. See slot and velcro tab, as well as shiny red paper

The heart boxes from the front. Foam core covered in stretchy shiny red fabric with pink trim.

The velcro tabs started ripping off, so I epoxied them and added zip ties. Then epoxied the zip ties.

That slot for the popsicles is actually just foam core and hot glue.

Zip ties galore. And tons of epoxy. Keep it on hand, these WILL break.

See more random props below. Those are second act mic stands. First act ones were different bases and tops.

Ignore that attachment to the left. We scrapped it. However that is what the back of the hearts looked like pre-everything else. I used those photobook attachment things to make sure they stuck on the plastic boxes. And that’s lauan wood to give that heart stability. The front heart was actually a valentines day plastic plate covered with that shiny fabric. Hot glue galore!

These popsicles I made with lightweight wood, something like 1” wide by 1/2” thick or so, and plastic party plates with foam core stuck between them. I glued them together with hot glue and painted them with a mixture of acrylic paint and silver puff paint.