Props - Mary Rose


Presented at The Vineyard Theatre

Spring 2007

Properties by Melanie Mulder, Assistant Props Rose A C Howard

Scenic Design by James Schuette

Directed by Tina Landau

I was the props assistant on this show. I shopped for this show. Did research on foot. Gathered information on the various types of false shrubbery available, and purchased a great deal of it. Most if it came from the floral district on 28th street. Some from Superior Studios. All five sections of the island were either touched by my hand or completely constructed by me.

The 'Island' proper, which was a sectional piece along the back sky drop was blue foam with a green pseudo 'carpeting' on top. The stage right branch, which came through a door. The stage left branch, which represented the apple tree, in summer. An additonal stage left branch which represented the apple tree twenty odd years later. The overhead branch, which flew in for the island scene.

I also completely recovered the upholstered chair in green velour, replacing its original fabric. This project was mine alone.