Misc Art - Mini Milk Carton House


March 2009.

House is made from an upcycled milk carton which was cleaned thoroughly and collaged and painted. The exterior and interior were papered with recycled gift wrap paper. It has two seal coats of poly acrylic.

The lid comes completely off, and you can store all manner of little things in this little box.

House is 5 1/4" tall at the tallest, and 3 1/4" wide at the widest.

Mostly intended as a display and play piece for adults, the house is fairly sturdy but will not withstand average to rough play by children.

Hand crafted from my own design.

I have blogged how to make one of these. This is the one I made for the tutorial in case you would like it.

I love free tutorials. :D

Part one:


Part two: