Misc Art - Octochop


I made Octochop in March of 2009. She is available for purchase here.

For some background on this project, let me explain a bit.

I was working in props on a show that required a Lambchop puppet to appear as an orthodox Rabbi. (Now that sounds offensive, and I have no idea if it is or not, I never saw the show. Maybe it's funny somehow.)

So we had to make a little coat for the Rabbi puppet. And the coat length made the feet of the puppet dissapear.

So we had to lengthen the feet.

And the easiest way to lengthen the feet was to take adorably cute little 'made in china' replicate puppets, and cut their legs off. Then make new legs.


So I chopped the legs off of five little cute puppets.

For Theatre. With a capital T.

It was sad.

But! I saved the legs from the landfill, and took them home.

Then they sat in a box for awhile.

Now! They are Octochop! A fuzzy eight legged octopoid thing. Inspired by Lambchop.

Octochop legs, before