Props - Powder Poofer for Dangerous Liaisons


Made for the Roundabout Theatres' production of Les Liaisons Dangereuses that ran at the American Airlines Theatre.

Spring 2008

This was a project that I undertook while working at Propstar for Kathy Fabian.

This was completely constructed from materials 'in house' at Propstar. It was based on the few and far between pictures we could find of similar 'wig powdering applicators'. (Which have lots of odd names like Hand Bellows and Powder Applicator, etc, and were incredibly difficult to find pictures of).

I made a rehearsal version first, which they used at rehearsal, but I didn't like it because A: If you weren't careful with it the slinky part just sort of fell over and dangled suggestively. And B: It couldn't actually dispense any powder, which presumably they would want it to do. (Of course, it was decided that they didn't need it to dispense powder, but I'd rather build something that CAN work as it was intended if at all possible).

Main ingredients in this prop were a crystal light container, a hand pump from a rubber ball and a slinky.