Misc Art - Red and Blue Hats


When I was living in London in 2004 into 2005 I made three hats. One from red cordoruy and silk, and one from blue velvet and silk. They were both reversible. I made them entirely by hand, as I had no machine at the time.  (The grey one is lost and I believe I have no photos of it).

I gave both of them away, but I still have these photos of them.

The red floppy hat is reversible, and there is a seed bead black detail on the solid red side. Constructed from red corduroy and a lined fabric called Viscose. A small zippered pocket can be seen in the tip of the hat for keeping small things.

The blue floppy hat that I made was a Christmas present. Blue velvet with silk trim and black corduroy lining. It is also reversible to a plain black side. Beaded trim over the velvet in the shape of a dragon made from colored seed beads. A small zippered pocket is in the tip of the hat for keeping small things.

I include these because they are some of my favorite hats that I have ever made.