Props - Shanghai Moon


Presented at the Baystreet Theatre.

Summer 2008

Directed by Carl Andress, written and starring Charles Busch

Properties design by Kathy Fabian

I helped coordinate this show and built some of the specialty props for it.

I built the ‘jade head’ and the ‘hot brand’ props. You can see the brand, almost finished, turned off in one shot, and then glowing the next. I hid the wiring down the middle of the hollow dowel (curtain rod) and into the handle. I have no finished pictures of it, but it was basically just painted gold.

The Jade head was supposed to look like she was made from ‘found’ objects. The designer sent us an image and I created it from some items he sent us and some items we found around the shop. Again, I didn’t snap a final image. The blue tape was painted on later with green spray paint.