Props - Tall Grass


Presented at Theatre Row: The Beckett Theatre

Spring 2007

Scenic Design by Cameron Anderson, Props Supervisor Rose A C Howard

Directed by Nick Corley.

This is a show that ran at Theatre Row at the Beckett Theatre. It is three one acts, all by Brian Harris. The first is called 'The Business Proposal'. The second is 'The Gerbil'. And the final act is the tititular piece, 'Tall Grass'. All three pieces have the same three actors in them, and they have quick changes during musical interludes between the acts. Almost all the props were moved by the actors onstage.

For this production I was hired as the props supervisor. This was primarily a shopped show. I bought a significant amount of the specialty props for this piece on ebay. There was very little building, though the building that happened was fun and artsy.