I am currently available to do tutoring in sewing by hand or machine. I can come to your home or you can come to my studio for hand sewing. I’m also available to teach classes in different types of Softie Making. I have taught Sock Monkeys and Softie Rubber Duckies so far, but can tailor the project we do to whatever your interests are. I can even make a new pattern just for your event!

My fees are hourly and include a charge per crafter for the classes/workshops. The minimum amount of time I will need to teach a class will depend on what we learn, how many crafters there are and how old they are. I strive for fun and low stress, enjoyable crafting no matter what we do.

No experience necessary!

Please email me for fees and availability if you are interested.

You can see my blog post about one of my Sock Monkey workshops if you click here.

Aren’t they all just adorable? These monkeys are from a workshop at The Voracious Reader, and the duckies are from a lovely birthday party that I hosted a workshop for. Both were for ages 8-12.