Misc Art

Most of my artwork falls under what I would consider ‘Miscellaneous’. I make soft art creatures, strange little doll houses, sculptures and puppets. I also have a strong fascination with millinery and have a collection of hats I have made for myself. Some of my more interesting pieces can be found below.

Soft Creations and Puppets


Strange Crafty Projects



I have a degree in lighting and set design from Ithaca College. I have designed

sets, costumes, and lighting in small black box theatres in New York City,

Seattle, WA and Ithaca, NY. I have done some work on small independent

films including making a short film of my own.

I have also spent several years doing props mainly in New York City. I worked on Broadway shows like ‘South Pacific’, ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ and ‘Homecoming’. I have also done building work for Basil Twist, puppeteer extraordinaire and I worked at Williamstown for a season as a props apprentice.


Set and Production Design

Assistant work and Lighting Design

Freelance Design Work

Photoshop fun

Sketchbook and Paintings

I have been doing graphic design on and off for the past six years. I have designed programs and posters for two seasons at a small theatre in Ithaca New York. I have also done freelance work for various artists and organizations.

I do a lot of graphic work for myself as well. Sometimes to work on certain skills like watercolors or photoshop, sometimes just to play.